Review: The Walking Dead “No Way Out”

ba970a5e8ab18064470c0a11563a0e05By now, many of you watched The Walking Dead, season 6-episode 9 titled “No Way Out.  This is probably one of the best episodes, in my opinion.  The story opened with a bang, literally, as Daryl wipes out some of the Saviors with a rocket launcher.  Something tells me this is the catalyst for some horrible retribution by Negan, when he finally arrives.

We have Glenn working with Enid to save Maggie and Glenn avoiding death once again.  There is Carol and Morgan remaining at odds over their viewpoints on the value of life.  There is Father Gabriel protecting baby Judith and finding his courage to help save Alexandria, which was good to see.

The shocking and anticipated scene occurs when Rick and the rest of the group making their way out, fall under attack by the horde because little Sam lost it mentally.  This situation led to his mother being attacked forcing Rick, once he regained his composure, to begin chopping her arm to free Carl from an impending death.  However, as fate had it, Carl ends up losing his eye due to a gunshot wound.  Rick gets even with the walkers and the entire town rallies behind him.

Negan-LucilleThis episode gave me anxiety; the pace, action, and story flow were great.  It is nice to see the show adopting the comic book story arcs.  I love Michonne. I wonder how Carl will adjust to his recent trauma and I feel that Daryl is the character that Negan uses to introduce “Lucille” (if the season follows the comics then this is likely a very shocking and gruesome fate).

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