Review: Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 Premiere

The only way to survive a mad world is to embrace the madness.
– Strand

tumblr_o5f6qipqS51u1tv5ao2_1280Fear The Walking Dead’s season two premiered with episode one titled “Monster”.  We pick up where season one ended.  Los Angeles is on fire.  Strand, Alicia,Daniel, and Nick are taking supplies to Strand’s yacht named “Abigail”.  Strand sends Nick back for Travis, Madison, and Chris, under attack by zombies.  Chris insists that they take his deceased mother Liza with them.  Nick makes clever use of the small boat’s engine propeller.

On the ocean, the group encounters another boat full of people.  Strand refuses to stop despite Madison’s request to help them.  Abigail listens to the communication radio hoping to find somewhere safe to stop when she hears a mysterious voice wanting to talk to her.  Chris is struggling with moving on as he keeps his mother’s deceased body in his room.  Daniel knows loss and maybe the one to help Chris through the grieving process.

Madison hears music and Strand talking to himself. tumblr_o4x5n7aRCo1uep8t9o2_500 Alicia shares too much information with the stranger who is assessing the capabilities of the group’s vessel.  Daniel doesn’t trust Strand.  Liza receives a burial at sea.  Chris goes for a swim, Nick goes to save him, and we have zombies in the water.  A destroyed yacht from a possible attack by a boat that is rapidly approaching the Abigail.  Soon the group will find out if they are friend or foe.

This episode left me frustrated with the characters.  If I were Strand then I would want to throw everyone overboard and start over.  Alicia’s need for social contact putting the group in danger.  Chris’ reaction to his mother’s death and heated confrontation with his father makes him a liability…I think he is the Carl of this series.  Ofelia is finding her place while Daniel continues being the voice of reason.  Travis and Madison are on opposite sides.  Strand has a plan that he is hiding from everyone.

I look forward to seeing where this series ends up.


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