Days of April


From the beginning, and
To the end.

I feel your indignation towards
My existence; your displeasure towards
My presence.

The mockery of your embrace
Holding me tightly within
Your arms of despair.

Moral conceptions offended by
Your deliberate misbehavior.

Your kiss saturates my spirit with vexation,
Attempting to convert my heart with
Poison and bitterness.

We both want change for
Reasons we cannot agree; a scandal
That transgress Love’s institution.

I will neither yield to your disgrace
Nor entertain your dishonor.

Remove me from this circumstance; take away
The memories of your offensive actions.

With my last breath I plead,
Accept me for who I am please, just leave
Me alone.


This is a repost from my entry into the Trifecta: Challenge Week 22 The word of the week was “scandal”.  April 2012

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