Review: The Exorcist – Season Two

Lamb mutations, Kamikaze birds, Vatican assassin’s, a priest mind-melding with a demon, and psychosomatic delusions are the context of The Exorcist so far.  The show appears to have three connecting story arcs.

The “Lion” and the “Cub”


Marcus and Tomas, are on the run from the Catholic Church. Marcus is still teaching Tomas the ways of the Exorcist.  Marcus Keane has lost his connection with God. Tomas has developed a unique ability to go into the mind of a demon-possessed person that he deems a gift from God.  Marcus warns Tomas about the dangers of opening his mind to demons.  Both have differing opinions about God.  Marcus seems a bit jealous of Tomas’ abilities.  They save a demon-possessed woman in Montana and rescue a girl in Washington.  Tomas has visions that Marcus believes are demonic attacks.

The Foster Home

60987880Andy Kim’s foster home on this island is a supposed safe place for children yet contains an overwhelming malevolence. Andy’s wife, Nicole, died months earlier. Rose, the social worker, is connected with Andy and is assigned to monitor his foster home. Andy’s foster kids are Verity, Shelby, Caleb, Truck, and Grace. Shelby witnesses the birth of a mutated lamb and believes it is an omen. Grace is the focus of Andy’s attention; she has a fear of people and being outdoors. Marcus and Tomas save a teenage girl named Harper. Tomas thought it was a possession, but he and Marcus learned that Harper’s deranged mother, Lorraine, fabricated Harper’s demonic symptoms. An exorcism of someone not possessed by a demon can kill the victim. Harper’s recovery from the actions of her demented mother appears treacherous; Rose recommends Harper’s placement in Andy’s foster home. The ending of episode 4 reveals that Grace does not exist.

The End of The Exorcists


A woman named Mouse is responsible for killing demon possessed Vatican priests including Cardinal Guillot.  She comes into contact with Father Bennett who is working to expose the sinister dealings of the Church.  Mouse reveals that Sister Dolores is the source of her information and is demon-possessed through “Integration.”  Bennett is learning through Sister Dolores the plans to bring an end to all Exorcists through “Integration.”  Father Bennett nearly dies at the hands of Sister Dolores but is rescued by Mouse.  There is more to Mouse than what is on the surface.

I look forward to seeing where season two takes this series.  The battles between the Island Malevolence and the Integration appear to make up the first and second halves of the season.  Father Marcus and Father Tomas seeking their connections with God could be the premise of them connecting with what they have inside themselves.