Review: The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 1 “Mercy”

The “All Out War” storyline is finally here.


The one-hundredth episode of the series.  The Alexandria, Hilltop, and Kingdom communities work together to fight Negan and the Saviors.  Rick made the case, along with King Ezekiel and Maggie, to go on the offensive while Daryl, Tara Carol, and Morgan work collectively leading a herd of walkers into the fight.

There are three scenes involving Rick, which floats through time; Rick at the beginning of the war, Rick sometime during the war at a grave site and in tears, then Rick after the war as an old man.  Dwight is helping Rick, and his job is to weaken Negan’s forces from the inside.  Some notable scenes

  1. Rick and Carl were scavenging for supplies, encountering a strange man wanting some food.  Rick chases the stranger away.
  2. The list of Savior lookout posts that Rick lines off as he and the team eliminate them.
  3. Rick’s conversation with Father Gabriel about the purpose of the war with Negan.
  4. Michonne was telling Carl she will help him defend Alexandria while Rick is away.
  5. Negan surrounded by Rick and the team; the revelation of Gregory and his declaration of Hilltop’s allegiance to Negan,
  6. Rick’s plan to trap Negan and the Saviors behind a herd of walkers is successful.
  7. Rick tries to shoot Negan. Father Gabriel talks him into sticking with their plan.
  8. Rick takes a Polaroid picture.
  9. Father Gabriel’s attempt to save Gregory; Gregory leaves Father Gabriel behind.
  10. Carl goes back and leaves a couple of cans of food for the stranger.
  11. Father Gabriel saves himself from the walker herd but traps himself inside a trailer with Negan. Negan asks, ” do you have your shit-pants on?”


It was great seeing Rick Grimes taking the fight to Negan.  Negan’s sense of humor in the face of danger was hilarious.  The flow and pace of the story were excellent.  There were no significant deaths tonight, but I expect that to start in the next couple of episodes.  Excellent start to the season and congrats to the show on the hundredth episode of the series.