I Quit Wasting Time

A weird year. I started 2018 with a new job. I hoped this was the opportunity to bring my career to that next level. Well, it wasn’t. My expectations, the job description, and the actual work were sorely misaligned. So, I decided to seek other opportunities. Then, weirdly, I received a call from my former place of employment, yep the place I left for this gig. Someone who I considered a friend and mentor wanted me to come back and work for him. I felt there were things I could learn from him and the career opportunity was appealing so, I went back.

It was a mistake. In that time I learned my friend was not the same person who shared the same ideals. He got his promotion, and now he is drinking the kool-aid. I learned that he brought me back to fix his problems. The promotion opportunity was going to someone else in the company. It was clear to me that this situation was not “a right fit” for me so, I quit my job.

Since then, things have gotten stranger; there were the “Mother’s Day” incident and the Non-Profit company. The year 2018 has been one wrong decision after another. Here’s to better days ahead.


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