Review: Supernatural “Moriah”

Season 14 – Episode 14 titled “Moriah” set the tone for season 15. Sam, Dean, and Castiel feel the repercussion for lying to Jack and putting him in the Malek box. Jack’s ability to escape the inescapable shows the Winchesters just how powerful he is and the threat-level he is becoming. Team Free-Will go on the hunt to find him. God, a.k.a. Chuck, meets them and wants them to stop Jack.

Dean accepts the challenge and decides to use the magic gun Chuck provided. In the end, Dean decides to spare Jack’s life. Sam uses the gun on Chuck resulting in Chuck deciding to end their story. “Moriah” ends with Chuck resurrecting every monster Sam and Dean have killed.

Chuck, the author of the Winchester chronicles, is a dick. In this episode, we learn that the Winchesters were nothing more than characters for the amusement of his craft. Their deaths and resurrections fulfill endless storytelling. However, despite Chuck’s judgment, other cosmic beings might have different ideas for the fate of the Winchesters. This season left us with another epic cliffhanger. With season 15 bringing the Supernatural series to its finale, how will their story end?

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