Review: Avengers Endgame

The story picks after Avengers Infinity War, and Earth’s Mightiest heroes have an opportunity to retrieve the gauntlet from Thanos. Upon arriving, they learn that the stones are destroyed and with it the hopes of bringing everyone back. They had to wait five years to reunite the universe.

Sacrifice was the underlying thread. The Russo Brothers did an excellent job completing the story arcs for Stark, Rogers, Banner, Romanoff, Thor, and Barton. The way each character dealt with their failures and the path they took to redemption. The connection with essential Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) moments was important in their quest to reunite the stones.

Thor Odinson was my favorite character. His tragic arc maintained the plucky humor from “Thor Ragnarok.” He had the most incredible transformation of all the Avengers. I hope to see more of the new God of Thunder.

This finale was an epic tale reminiscent of Greek mythology. Comedy and tragedy were perfectly balanced. We laughed, we cried, and we applauded. The film’s 3-hour runtime did not feel long at all. Avengers Endgame brought to closure a ten-year story in the best way possible.

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  1. Agreed, but overall I felt there was just something missing–I cannot even pinpoint it exactly. I also think there should have been more of Thanos, since it’s such a great character and villain. We needed more of him.

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