Review: WWE Premiere Week

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I did not watch Monday Night Raw. From the reactions on social media and reviews, I am glad I missed it. Reason being is the Rusev storyline that started with the alleged pregnancy of Maria Kanellis leading to the Bobby Lashley and Lana, whatever that was. The “going-home” show for Hell in a Cell did not impress the fans.

On Wednesday, NXT premiered it’s 2-hour debut on network television. I was torn between this and AEW Dynamite on TNT. Bringing Finn Balor back was a good move for his career and the brand.

NXT does well because it’s a proving ground with nothing to lose. The talent is authorized to perform in the manner that engages the fans and tells a story. In my opinion, this WWE brand is the heart and soul of the organization. Unfortunately, putting it up against AEW on Wednesday nights gives them a steep hill to climb.

Smackdown is now the UFC brand on Fox. Like many who watched Friday Night Smackdown, I was upset with the WWE Championship outcome. Kofi Kingston dropped the belt to Brock Lesnar, as expected, in a 5-second squash match.

Unfortunately, this moment overshadowed the show’s performance. WWE had an opportunity to set the bar, this week. Time will tell whether the moves and shakeups improve or frustrate the fans further on a larger scale.

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