Review: The Walking Dead – Lines We Cross

The falling satellite. Finding the skin is a cause for alarm. Negan picking tomatoes, giving Lydia advice. Saadiq was experiencing PTSD. Kelly losing her hearing, is going to become problematic. There is something between Connie and Daryl. Carol and Daryl’s friendship in this episode was cute. The communities having to cross the border to put out a fire from the fallen satellite was treacherous. Walkers attack the community during the firefight; the flames on one side and a marching herd on the other. In the end, Carol and Alpha stare eye-to-eye.

I enjoyed this episode. The lingering affects from the deaths and border ramifications is taking a toll on everyone. You can sense that something is going to break soon. There are quite a few sub-plots that should help move the overall story along. I don’t know who is scarier, Carol, or Alpha; both are strong women who will not back down. War is coming. This episode was an excellent start to the season.