Review: The Walking Dead “Twice as Far”

This episode hit me right in the “feels”…yes sir…right in the “feels”.

tumblr_o40bu2gV1c1v8gz0fo1_250It starts with this repetitive view of Alexandria community starting it’s day; we see the food supply garage open and inventory conducted, Carol holding the crucifix and contemplating on the porch, Morgan building a jail, Rosita waking up with Spencer, Father Gabriel walking the perimeter, and Eugene on guard detail with Sasha by the entrance.

tumblr_o40bu2gV1c1v8gz0fo7_250Abraham and Eugene go out to find a place that Eugene believes is a good facility to produce bullets for the community’s weapon cache.  Along the way, he tells Abraham that he is changing with the environment and becoming self-sufficient.  Attempting to prove himself against a “metal-headed” walker, Eugene and Abraham’s difference of opinions and the matter of “dibs” leads to them going separate ways.

tumblr_o4dctgadKz1u6p9qxo1_500Denise passionately convinces Daryl and Rosita to take her out on a medical supply run.  Along the way, the blocked road forces them to stop and walk the rest of the way to the Edison store.  A choice to either hike the long road or walk the short track; Daryl and Denise choose the road while Rosita chooses the tracks.  Rosita gets there first.  Inside the store, they find the pharmacy and decide to take all the drugs and medicine; they hear a walker trapped somewhere.  Denise quietly searches and finds a decomposed walker-female in a room with a baby’s play-pen and the words “Hush” written in blood on the walls.  She then pans her flash light towards a deep fryer with a baby shoe and blood in it.

tumblr_o4dgdvMYdh1v98dkdo8_250Later, Denise shares a story about her twin brother Dennis, who sounds a lot like Daryl’s brother Merle.  The return trip to Alexandra is that choice between the long road or the short tracks; Daryl chooses the tracks.  Along the way, Denise spots a cooler in a car with a walker inside; she tells Daryl and Rosita that the cooler might have something useful.  Daryl tells her not to waste time however, Denise decides to get the cooler and struggles with killing the walker.  Daryl and Rosita run to her rescue but Denise tells them no and makes her first kill.  Inside the cooler is Denise’s favorite soda.  Denise gives a passionate speech about overcoming fears; we then see her suddenly struck through the eye with a bolt-arrow and die.

tumblr_o4dhu9QCIL1qaufopo4_250Dwight and a group of Saviors emerge from the woods with a captured Eugene.  Daryl tells Dwight that he should have killed him and Dwight agrees.  Abraham is hiding and waiting to make his move.  Eugene creates a distraction by telling the Saviors to go after Abraham then he bites Dwight right in the man-hood.  A fight ensues and the Saviors retreat.  Daryl, Rosita and Abraham carry a wounded Eugene to safety.  Abraham and Eugene make-up.

tumblr_o4dn6sEDep1s1612oo2_500Daryl and Carol bury Denise.  Carol tells Daryl he was right about killing Dwight.  We learn that Carol left the Alexandria community, via a letter to Tobin, because she can no longer kill for the ones she loves.  We see Morgan staring towards Carol’s empty porch-swing as it slowly creaks in the wind.

The theme of this episode centered around overcoming fears.  Eugene and Denise, accepting death as the inevitable to live in the apocalypse, led their transformation toward drastically different outcomes.  Carol’s decision to no longer kill is her way of overcoming her fear of transforming into a monster.  I liked Denise and found myself sad to see her go out like she did.  If this episode is the “quiet before the storm” then we are in for a level-five hurricane as season six comes to an end.

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