Review: Jessica Jones

Hell's Kitchen, New York, a camera reveals images of decadent infidelity.  Jessica Jones, a freelance private investigator, stalks a perp for her client, Jeryn Hogarth. Jessica's adventure begins with a visit from the parents of a missing girl named Hope; they said someone from the police station referred them.  A revelation is difficult to believe. … Continue reading Review: Jessica Jones

Review: The Walking Dead – “Always Accountable”

We finally get to see Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha in action.  They spent the last few episodes taking a herd of walkers on a Sunday drive and were in the background for about five episodes. Things start with an ambush.  Daryl narrowly escapes into the woods while Sasha and Abraham lay down a lethal assault … Continue reading Review: The Walking Dead – “Always Accountable”

Review: The Walking Dead – “Now”

Last time I saw Rick Grimes, he was in an RV with a herd of walkers encircling the vehicle.  Tonight, he is running toward the safe zone yelling, "Open the gate!"  How did Rick escape his impending doom?  Things went from bad to worse as the walls are now surrounded by thousands of walkers.  This … Continue reading Review: The Walking Dead – “Now”

Review: The Walking Dead – “Here’s Not Here”

I spent the week recovering from the heart-stopping last moments of last week's episode.  Like so many viewers, I question Glenn's death waiting to find out his fate.  In this episode, we saw Morgan's back-story; his journey after the death of his son.  Every so often, we would see the word "clear", "pointless acts", and … Continue reading Review: The Walking Dead – “Here’s Not Here”

Review: Supernatural -“Baby”

This is my favorite one of the season, so far.  The episode, titled "Baby", takes place from the perspective of being inside Dean's '67 Impala.  The show's writer is Robbie Thompson and creatively directed by Thomas J. Wright. Sam and Dean take on a case, in Oregon.  Their first stop is at a roadhouse where Sam ends … Continue reading Review: Supernatural -“Baby”

Review: The Walking Dead – “Thank You”

Last night's episode of The Walking Dead titled "Thank You" continued the intensity and had an unexpected ending. The episode opened with Rick's group making their way back toward the Alexandria safe zone.  Right off the bat, one of the members gets bitten in the neck.  Rick knew some of them would not make it and … Continue reading Review: The Walking Dead – “Thank You”

Croatoan 2.0

The first episode of Supernatural season eleven looks like a blend of situations from previous seasons.  The darkness possess your body like a virus (more like Croatoan), Dean and Sam talking about changing their ways and yet they start off keeping secrets, a baby, Castiel in another predicament that requires help from Dean, and Crowley, … Continue reading Croatoan 2.0

Review: Fear the Walking Dead – “Cobalt”

In this episode, we had the opportunity to learn more about the characters of the series and their perspective within the new world better know as the zombie apocalypse. There is a man known as the"Closer" who sizes up every opportunity and uses every situation to his advantage.  Sending one man into the depths of … Continue reading Review: Fear the Walking Dead – “Cobalt”

Fear the Walking Dead

"If it happens then, it will happen quickly." It starts with horror inside and abandoned church that escalates into a waking nightmare for everyone in Los Angeles, California.  Like an intravenous-drip, the slow acceptance of a world falling into literal decay;  the various psychoses brought on by the zombie apocalypse.  The love-hate relationships. Even in the face of … Continue reading Fear the Walking Dead

Review: Batman #44

I read Batman issue number forty-four, written by Scott Snyder and pencilled by Brian Azzarello.  The story takes place post "Zero Year".  Batman is investigating the murder of a teenage boy named Peter Duggio.  The rise of super villains is putting Gotham crime at its peak.  His leads take him to Oswald Cobblepot and uncovers the … Continue reading Review: Batman #44

Review: Lemonade

On July 8, 2015, I took my family to Southern California for a brief summer vacation.  Just because we were unable to attend the San Diego Comic Con (SDCC), there was no reason we could not have a great time without the “cosplay” and “fan-demonium”.  Our first stop was Lemonade on Ventura Blvd in Studio … Continue reading Review: Lemonade

Review: DeadPool vs. Thanos

Deadpool vs. Thanos, issue number one, created by Tim Seeley and Elmo Bondoc, is the first part of a story about rivals and their love for Mistress Death.  It opens with Deadpool introducing himself along with Thanos, to the readers, let us know that they go way back and it is due to the love they … Continue reading Review: DeadPool vs. Thanos

Secret Wars 2015 – Issue 5

This story continues where issue four climatically ended.  Battle World mourns the loss of Sheriff Strange and God Doom accuses the survivors of the final incursion of the murder.  "We live our lives by the choices we make."  In this issue, Doom secretly meets with Owen Reece (aka the Molecule Man) and we learn what happened … Continue reading Secret Wars 2015 – Issue 5

Review: The Man Without Fear

“Forgive me father, not for what I have done but for what I am about to do.” The devil confesses his sins; the preconceived transgressions that he will inflict on the demons of Hell’s Kitchen. “We get knocked down and we get back up…” He can take a beating…a lesson he learned from his father. … Continue reading Review: The Man Without Fear