One Last Time

Father_time_by_alexstoneart-d59w2i1 Everything we were and yet to be has reached its conclusion.  I almost did not make it to this moment, a few more seconds and I would have been greeted by darkness and emptiness.  Winter’s light soon disperses into night on the last day of a year’s twilight… Sitting upon an old chair listening to my father as he slept seeing how his chest … Continue reading One Last Time

Shadows and Seasons

Shadows of the past greet a fading patriarch sitting upon the fragile seat of the present. A season void of exuberance leaving his “inner child” huddled beneath an undressed tree staring at the emptiness left by “disappointment”. Childhood abandoned upon paternity’s deathbed; seeking the comfort only “nostalgia” seems to offer. Moments of youth denied by the demands of adulthood. Shadows of the future rebuking the bitterness … Continue reading Shadows and Seasons